Sunday, November 29, 2009

The morning after

After a heavy, somewhat American style Thanksgiving dinner on Friday night, we decided to follow through on an earlier plan and try a "traditional" Japanese breakfast at one of our favorite fast food restaurants, Sukiya.

This restaurant was one of the first we tried when we arrived. They are a chain that specializes in gyudon, a bowl of rice with meat served on top. There are many different varieties and flavors. We had seen their breakfast menu and always meant to try it. What perfect timing!

After a few cups of coffee, we shuffled down the street toward the train station. Sukiya is only about two blocks away and open 24 hours a day.

After we sat down, the waiter brought us our glasses of mugi cha (barley tea) and headed back to the kitchen. After we discussed the menu options, we pushed the buzzer, and the waiter came scurrying back. We ordered a basic set for 400 yen (about $4).

A few minutes later, he brought out our trays, and we got to work!

First was the miso soup: lovely, warm, salty broth with seaweed floating in it. Then a piece of
grilled fish (salmon) with a bowl of white rice - all spiced up with a small bowl of pickled vegetables and some pickled ginger from the condiment rack. And don't forget the package of salty, savory dried seaweed strips!

Oh, heavenly! We shall return...

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