Monday, February 8, 2010

Thank goodness for elastic waistbands!

So, it's been about four full days of eating now. I am a little apprehensive to step on the scales. Maybe later today after a run...

This is the first real meal we had on Friday for lunch: baked fish with mushroom soup sauce, baked beans with bacon, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes. Please ignore all the cheese and crackers that were consumed in the late morning, plus all the homemade cookies that call to us in our sleep.

Things are good so far on our reunion tour here in Wisconsin. We have seen most of Joan's family up here in Portage and have plans to see more.

We got together with our old Madison group of friends at Karen and Thor's house. Pat Burke and family did not make a photo op for some reason. We had lovely cheese and snacks and lots of good Wisconsin beer (New Glarus, especially!)

Joan's college roommate, Laura Gillis, drove down from Green Bay to meet up with another college roomie, Michelle Gigot.

Mike Doughtery and new bride, Rocio, are back from Guatemala, and it was muy bueno to see them!

Last but not least was Clarence Olsen and his wife, Louise. Clarence was the Scout Master of the troop where I was Assistant Scout Master back in 99-00.

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