Monday, April 13, 2009

First day of classes

Well, so it has begun... Actually, it was kind of fun. My Econ 11 Freshman English (FE) class was not very very excited to be there. Perhaps they were unsure of having a foreigner at the front of the class after years of learning from Japanese teachers. If I put myself in their shoes, back when I had studied Spanish in high school, I think I would also be a little nervous about a class taught in Spanish by a Hispanic teacher...

The International Relations (IR) 11 FE class was a little more 'genki' - energetic and upbeat. They actually tried to use their English and laughed a little at my weak jokes.

The afternoon class was Sophomore English 4, mostly students who had spent the last semester studying in AU's sister schools in Washington state. There English is quite good, and I can tell they are used to dealing with America in the classroom.

It was also the day when all the clubs do their recruiting, so the quad was full of tables promoting their activities. It was chaotic but cool. I saw some students and did some chatting. I also 'joined' the soccer club and hope to start playing with them tomorrow. There is no practice this week with the badminton club, which is good because my body could use a rest. Here's a video of the scene on the quad today:

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