Saturday, April 4, 2009

Loving the cuteness!

Today we went for a trip to Kichijoji today for some cherry blossom viewing (lots of people in Inokashira Park) and shopping. Joan wanted to pick up some Japanese herbs she had learned about from Ryan: shiso and sansho (sounds like the name of a Mexican police detective drama).

I remembered that in this hub of commerce was Yodabashi, a crazy big store with lots of electronics and stuff. We decided to check it out because we wanted a mouse pad. How come there are million of them around when you don't want one?

So we walked around with big eyes, all epilectic with the bright lights and loud noises. We found a mouse pad for Joan and a screen duster/wrist rest for me. He makes me sleepy...
Oh yeah, check out this link for random photos of Kichijoji - it comes from a program Flickr has called Hive Mind. Check it out - you can find really cool random photos about whatever tags you put in the search engine...

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