Sunday, June 14, 2009

A busy weekend in Japan


The weather forcast was good for the weekend, so we decided to go for another long day hike picked from our guide book. We picked a medium one that started from Kita-Akikawabashi up to the Hossawa no Taki (Hossawa waterfall). We stopped by the 90-year old post office that still functioned but also had double duty as a wood carver's shop.

The hike itself wasn't anything spectacular - just a nice opportunity to get out of the city and go for a long hike in the humid weather. Josie, a fellow teacher, will be creating another movie/slide show that I will post when available.

Sunday was supposed to be rainy, so we had plans to hang around the house and catch up on stuff, but it dawned bright and sunny. Joan wanted some plastic fencing for the beans in her garden to climb, so we biked down to J-Mart, a large home/garden center with limited groceries and department store stuff. Joan also tried on a hat!

On the way back, we found a little farm/orchard that was selling kiwis for a very good price! We have been a lot of them with our granola, but the supply and prices are not great. Joan plans on making this a regular stop. She even had me take her picture at the stall.

Then, as we are planning a camping trip to Hokkaido Island, we decided to go to Shinjuku, one of the busier shopping hubs in Tokyo to some large camping/outdoor stores to comparison shop. We have ordered some stuff from REI, and a friend is bring it over, but shoes are hard to choose without trying them on. However, even if things are in our sizes, the prices are almost double! REI here we come...

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