Sunday, June 14, 2009

A mini reunion!

When we went on that thatch roof project, we got to know one of the other volunteers, Saori, a nursing student here in Tokyo. We had a really good time practicing each other's languages, spreading manure on the rice fields, and eating lots of good food.

It turns out her nursing school is just a few stops past ours on the Chuo line, so have met her twice now after school down at the Starbucks by the train station. She is helping us with our Japanese, and she is fun to be with. The second time, this past Wednesday, we decided to get some dinner and decided to try the ramen shop that Joan's farmer friends had recommended.

It was good ramen but not killer ramen. We have asked her to join us for other meals; that way she can be our translator and guide to the mysterious restaurants in our neighborhood! We'll keep you posted on our eating adventures...

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