Tuesday, June 2, 2009

International Dinner Party (and more)

We have been hosting many couchsurfers recently, and it has been nothing but fun.  Everyone has been really interesting and a joy to be with!

Let's see... there was Serazer, the Turkish woman studying for her PhD in film at St. Andrew's College in Scotland who came for an international film festival.  It was canceled due to swine flu, but she and many others had nonrefundable tickets and decided to come anyways and have a "shadow" conference.

Then there were Pablo and Juan, two architectural university students traveling around the world for seven months, visiting all the famous buildings and structures.  They had worked and
 saved for three years for this, and they took advantage of their time here.  It was exhausting to hear their stories.

Finally, Karim and and his son, Emyric, from France.  Emyric had fallen in love with Japanese culture as a boy and was now studying Japanese at his university.  He organized his own
 exchange program in Japan and was going to travel around and stay with Japanese families.  He and his father were taking a two-week trip that included Hokkaido Island.  I brought him to my International Relations class who delighted with his Japanese.  I left him in the tender hands of some of the girls after class to go to lunch.  I think it went well!

Who's next?  Australian guy, with Finnish girlfriend, who is a couchsurfing 'ambassador' down under, followed by Claudia from Brazil.  Whew...

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